Super Seal™ Contact: Direct Foil Capless Sealing

Capless induction sealing is now possible with Enercon’s Super Seal Contact Sealing technology. All the benefits of induction sealing are designed into this energy efficient direct foil sealing technology. It uses 90% less energy than traditional conduction hot plate systems and enables a 50% reduction in foil thickness. This unique capless sealing technology can be integrated into existing production lines.


  • A seal rate of 30 units per minute from a single head
  • An Enercon Induction contact sealer uses far less energy than conventional hot plates
  • Resulting in at least 80% reduction in energy use
  • Reducing CO2 emissions and consequently carbon footprint
  • Foil thickness can, in general, be reduced from 80 micron down to 40 micron - a saving of more than 50% on the amount of foil being used.
  • The sealing head and power unit can be retro-fitted to existing lines
  • The maintenance on induction contact sealers is substantially less than contact heating plates
In fact everyone saves money and uses less of everything! And runs faster with a superior seal and lower unit cost!